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Surveyours Ltd Privacy Policy


Our new Privacy Notice is effective from 25th May 2018, which is when a new data privacy law (General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR) comes into effect. The new regulation seeks to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union and grants new and enhanced rights for individuals in relation to their personal information. The new Privacy Notice explains how we use your personal data.



The information we collect about you may vary based on what service we provide to you. Typically, we need details such as:

- Your name, date of birth and address, so we know who you are and what service we are providing.

- Your contact details such as telephone numbers or email addresses so we can keep in touch with you about your services.

- Your Properties Construction, Heating & Insulation Types among other Energy Efficiency related data.


We only collect information about you that is relevant to the service required. We will always try to ensure that we minimise the amount of information we do collect.



We prefer to collect the information we need directly from you, so you are aware of exactly what information we hold. This also ensures that the information held with be the most up to date and accurate. However, there may be occasions where information is collected by a third party contractor of our behalf. We collect information from you, when you make an inquiry to a service or scheme we are proving or when you sign up to one of our services.



We use your information in various ways, for example:

- Meet the purposes that you provided your information for.

- Provide you with the services you want.

- Let you know about goods or services that may be beneficial to you.

- Administering your account, including:

- seeking views on any service provided

- dealing with problems, enquiries and complaints

- Resolving unpaid bills

- Prevent fraud

- Keep our records up to date

- Comply with any legal obligations we may have



We respect your privacy and limit the people and/or organisations who may have access to your personal information. However, it is sometimes necessary for us to share this information.


We only share your information where we are permitted or required to by law, or where you have requested us to do so. Examples of who we share your information with:

- Any of your family, associates or someone who represents you, where you have requested us to do so.

- Our employees who provide you with our services.

- Carefully selected contractors and specialists to help us provide you with our services; including but not limited to:

Eco Power Club, Grove House, 3 Grove Place, Swansea, SA1 5DF

- Any person or organisation where we are required to because of a court order, legal duty or statutory obligation.


We are careful to minimise the sharing of all your personal information.

Whenever we share your information, we do everything we can to make sure it is protected from misuse or loss.



When we use information about you, we take all reasonable efforts to do so fairly and lawfully. While we are sure that customers know we use their information, we will provide notice of this whenever we can.

We never use information about you unless it is lawful for us to do so and we have a clearly defined need or purpose.

When we collect information about you, we make sure that we minimise what we collect. We try to collect enough accurate and up to date information so we can provide you with excellent, efficient service and support. We try not to keep your information for longer than we need it and we make sure that the records we have about you are managed properly and deleted promptly and securely when we no longer need them.

We make every effort to keep your information safe, which we detail as follows:

We take appropriate care to secure the information we hold about you. We have robust technical security such as passwords and information encryption.

We have policies and procedures to make sure your information is only available to our employees who need to see it to do their job, and we train those employees appropriately.

We establish robust procedure and contracts to extend these protections to any other person or organisation we may need to give your information to.

In everything we do with your information we try to be fair, lawful and open, and we take seriously our obligations towards your privacy and the protection of information we may hold about you.



When visiting our websites, you may also be providing us with certain information via our use of website ‘cookies’. You can find out more about this by reading our Cookie Statement.

When you enter data onto secure areas of our websites, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is initiated. A SSL is a security device which ensures that any data which you enter is encrypted during transmission over the internet. Encryption means the data is encoded so that it is not legible until such time as we decode it.

No data transmission over the internet can ever be entirely secure. While we do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its security and you must be aware of this when using our websites.

Our websites may contain links to other websites. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own Terms & Conditions and privacy policies and that we cannot accept responsibility for their content. This privacy statement applies only to our website.



If you have contacted us by email or provided us with an email address, we may use this if we need to contact you.

You should be aware that information conveyed by email could be deliberately or accidentally intercepted or corrupted. While we make every effort to make sure that emails we send to you are free from viruses, this cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you scan all email for viruses with appropriate and frequently updated virus checking software.


If you have given us your phone number (landline or mobile), we may use it to contact you if we need to, including sending texts.

Please let us know if your mobile phone number or email address changes so that we can keep this information up to date.



The Data protection Act 1988 gives you certain rights towards your personal information. We take all reasonable efforts for you to exercise those rights.

Although we have a UK company, we may sometimes share your information with an organisation, such as a contractor working on our behalf, who is outside the UK. Such companies may also be outside the European Economic Area. We may do this, but we will only do so where we are permitted to by law.

You have the right to see all the personal information we hold about you.

We’ll handle routine enquiries as part of our usual customer service. If you want to see more of the information that we have about you, you can make a data subject access request.


Customer can email:


Please ensure that in your request you provide your name and address and contact details. We may reply where we need further information to help respond effectively to your request.

To make sure that we only give your information out to you and not someone else, you will need to provide us with two current forms of identification.

We may charge £10 for each request (As we are allowed to by law).

Once we receive your request, any clarifications, identification and payment, we will respond as soon as possible and within forty calendar days.



Unless you have consented to us using your information, have a statutory liability to us, or we are acting to comply with a legal obligation or in a life or death situation, you can object to us using your personal information in a way that causes you “substantial and unwarranted damage or distress”.

Damage means that we will use or have used your information in a way that caused you some loss or harm which we shouldn’t’ have.

Distress means that we will use of have used your information in a way that caused you some upset or anguish which was more than an annoyance.

You can write to us and ask us to stop using your information in that way. We will respond within 21 days.



We take all reasonable steps to make certain that the information we have about you is accurate and up to date. If you think that what we have is not accurate or up to date, please tell us as soon as possible and we will correct it.



We are keen to promote renewable energy and energy saving products and services and we may send you offers or make you aware of products or services that help with this.

Also, from time to time we may tell you about others offers we think may interest you.

We may do this, or we may share your information with carefully selected partners who offer products or services we think may be of interest to you.

If you do not want to receive any offers, please let us know via email:



From time to time, we may amend this privacy statement to reflect changes in the law, guidance from the ICO, our experience of handling your information, or for other legitimate reasons. We will do this by posting the amended privacy statement on our website. We therefore suggest you check our online privacy statement from time to time to make sure you are aware of the latest version.

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