Solar Power Electricity


Turn your roof into a money generator!


Photovoltaic (or PV) cells convert the energy in sunlight directly into electricity which can be immediately used, stored in batteries or exported via an export meter to the energy supplier. 


Systems consist of photovoltaic panels mounted in an array, (generally on the roof) an inverter to covert the direct current produced by the solar cells to alternating current and either a battery bank, connection to the consumer unit, or export meter to calculate the amount of energy exported to the grid.


The 'Feed in Tariff' introduced by the Government in April 2010 now means you will be paid for every unit of electricity you generate, regardless of whether you export or use this energy. A Photovoltaic or PV system will now earn you money in three ways:-


  • You are paid for every unit you generate

  • You are paid for every unit you export to the grid

  • Your bills are reduced as you use a portion of the electricity you generate


Under this system, payback periods are reduced to around 8-9 years! As the Feed in Tariff is guaranteed for 20 years, you can look forward to a tax-free income from your system, which, for an average 3 bed semi-detached home could be as much as £880 per year.