The Green Deal is the Government's flagship energy saving plan which aims to transform the UK's building stock to make all properties warmer and cheaper to run. This and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) which provides funding for disadvantaged groups and hard-to-treat homes, will come together into one seamless offer to the consumer.


Green Deal customers will benefit from a comprehensive and impartial assessment of their property, and will be able to shop around between different offers in the market place. Customers can use the new Green Deal finance to pay for the energy efficiency measure, in most cases, without any up front payments.


Repayments are made through a ‘Pay as you save’ scheme. In other words, the repayments you make will come from the savings you receive on your Utility bills. Any repayments made are protected by the "golden rule".


The "Golden Rule ", set out in legislation, specifies that any charge attached to a customer's electricity bill via the installation of Green Deal measures must be less than the expected savings from the improvement.


Of course, not every measure will necessarily pay for itself over its lifetime. In such cases the building owner will be able to contribute to some of the cost to ensure that the Golden Rule can be met.


However, some homes, (such as low income and vulnerable households and hard-to-treat buildings) may be able to get ECO Funding to substitute any shortfall, or fund the retrofits entirely.


All households and businesses will be entitled to an energy-efficiency assessment, known as a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR), carried out by a qualified Green Deal Advisor (GDA).


Following the assessment, consumers may be given recommendations of energy-efficiency improvements that they could acquire at no up-front cost.


Green Deal Advisors perform a crucial role in the Green Deal process and will often be the first point of face-to-face contact for most Green Deal customers. They are responsible for conducting the Green Deal report which identifies the measures which may be eligible for finance or ECO funding.

Green Deal Explained