Everyone can now enjoy the benefits of
Solar Electricity, Free of Charge
Free Solar Panels

If you are interested in generating Free Green Electricity for use in your property, but you are concerned about both the high initial investment required and the possibility of future maintenance and system insurance costs, then the Free Solar PV System will be of interest to you.  If you do not have sufficient capital available to finance your own system and /or you are concerned about future maintenance costs, then the Free Solar PV Offer will satisfy your requirements for free solar PV electricity for at least 20 years since you will not be required to pay for any of the installation and maintenance costs throughout the 20 years contract life.

How are Solar Panels Installed? 

A free solar PV system is one of the easiest ways to improve your home since it usually only takes one to two days to install, and this mostly happens outside on the roof so there’s little fuss or mess. Even the power supply is only broken for a few minutes whilst the new connections are made.



Why are they Free?

In essence, an investor will pay for a Solar PV System to be installed on any suitable residential or commercial property. Your electricity provider will pay the F.I.T. revenue (for the solar PV electricity produced) to the investor for a contract period of 20 years.  In return for allowing the installation of a solar PV system on your roof you will be provided with free solar PV electricity during daylight hours. Over time energy prices are expected to rise so your electricity costs savings associated with Free Solar Electricity will increase.  Surveyours use installers that have access to the current scheme for Free Solar PV, allowing you to enjoy Free Daytime Electricity regardless of your age, income or location.