Fix your Electricity Price until 2037
Now everyone can now enjoy the benefits of Solar Electricity,
Free of Charge
Free Solar Panels

If you are interested in generating Green Electricity for use in your property, but you are concerned about both the high initial investment required and the possibility of future maintenance and system insurance costs, then the               FREE Solar PV System will be of interest to you.


Secure your energy against future price increases
Fixing your energy is a smart way to get solar. Pay nothing upfront for the equipment, installation or maintenance and instead pay a low cost fixed price for any solar electricity you use. It’s cheaper than buying electricity from the grid and greener too.

Your solar energy price will be fixed at just 9.9p per kwh until 2037.  That means you immediately save on energy you currently buy from the grid, and if the price goes up you’ll save even more.

Lower Cost Electricity for the Next 20 Years

By choosing               you get solar panels, a battery and Smart Energy App, allowing you to Benefit from Solar Electricity when you use it most, even at night.

How are Solar Panels Installed? 

A free solar PV system is one of the easiest ways to improve your home since it usually only takes one to two days to install, and this mostly happens outside on the roof so there’s little fuss or mess. Even the power supply is only broken for a few minutes whilst the new connections are made.



Why are they Free?

                    will supply and Fit a Solar PV System & Battery Pack to your property Free of Charge.  They will then bill you just 9.9p per kwh for the solar electricity you use.  And that rate is fixed until 2037. You will still receive a bill from your current supplier for the electricity you use from the national grid. You are free to switch your grid provider any time you choose.  Over time energy prices are expected to rise so the money you will save by using your Solar Generated Electricity will increase year on year.


Surveyours are official partners with                    one of Europe's largest Solar PV Installers.  We will provide the necessary pre-installation survey and manage the whole process on your behalf FREE of CHARGE, allowing you to enjoy low cost, Solar Generated Electricity, Day or Night, regardless of your age, income or location.